Not once nor twice but 3 times barebacked by the 10″ UNCUT COCK of Bo Sinn

If you’ve dreamed of getting barebacked by Bo Sinn, be envious of Trent King. They did it 3 times at Bromo.

The first time had Bo as the mechanic.

Bromo followed it up with Bo choosing the ass he wanted to piss on & then bareback – Trent King, of course.

For their 3rd time at Bromo, it was time for Bo to suck Trent’s cock.

If you miss Clark Parker as the BOTTOM

Clark Parker is known for his work at Corbin Fisher as Sebastian from 2016 to 2017 where he was versatile.

When he left Corbin Fisher, he used the name Clark Parker for his work at Guys In Sweatpants.

He retired last year after his twitter fight with the gay porn industry about STDs. But, he still has unreleased scenes and the latest to be released by Guys In Sweatpants was his scene with Colton Grey.