Liam of Corbin Fisher as the bottom

The 5’7″ Roman was the latest guy that the 6’4″ Liam fucked at Corbin Fisher. Roman was also the first guy to fuck Liam on the site.

✅ Liam was hard the entire time. And, he shot his load almost as the same time as Roman.

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2 thoughts on “Liam of Corbin Fisher as the bottom

  1. I love how Liam is super vocal and expressive. He was good at domming and I think he craves being put to submission and have his Dom totally physically and verbally use and abuse him. I think it’ll turn him on tremendously.

    I hope CF can find him a dom like that. Rocky or Barron might be able to do. Or maybe Marco? But I’d rather watch Marco gets fucked into submission

  2. Hot Stuff! I hope the next guy to take 6’4″ Liam on a tour of pound town is the Rocky Tate Man. Rocky is an awesome tour guide!!!

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