No bi or str8 scene for the newbie, Andy, at Corbin Fisher. Andy’s first had him as the bottom to Harris where he swallowed the load of Harris.

The 6th consecutive scene as the top for Brooks at Corbin Fisher had him cum on Kellan’s hole and eat it.

The newbie at Corbin Fisher was lucky to have tasted Beau for his first gay scene.



The newbie this week at Corbin Fisher is the third guy named Clay.

But, if you search the site, only 2 guys named Clay will appear.

The Clay of 2015 was removed from the site since he shot himself after he fired rounds at a restaurant where he worked.

A threesome at Corbin Fisher where Brooks fucked Elian while Elian fucked Dane.

Walker was introduced by Corbin Fisher last month. He was paired with Jaden for his first scene where he was the bottom.

This is not the first time Walker has ever bottomed on camera. He was first introduced to gay porn by Broke Straight Boys as Rick Hazzard.

Is this a way for Corbin Fisher to save on cost or the site doesn’t have enough models for unique pairings? The new guy Jaden now has 2 gay scenes, both with Dane.

The first one had Jaden as the top.

The second one had Jaden as the bottom.

Did Jaden and Dane also filmed a threesome?