1. K

    I still have mixed feelings about this direction. I mean tbh I do enjoy watching guys play, interact with girls, and get fucked in bi scenes. I didn’t think it was a good idea or it was something I would wanna watch, but I did and quite a few scenes were very pleasant and stimulating

    But still, to discontinue hardcore part of the business..? Does that mean that maybe I’m not the right audience for this group of studios?

  2. Brad

    I am completely unable to watch nude women, especially the vaginas, no matter how hot the guys fucking them are. An absolute and total turn off.

  3. jlc172

    really? are you sure gayhoopla is over? What a waste… In this case, the newcomer Lance Golding is so hot that I didn’t have eyes on anything or anyone more than him, but those screaming chicks are so annoying, if they’d only keep their mouths shut and let the guys do their work…

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