From Chaos Men on James Dawn (5’11, 145 lbs, 8″ uncut) “He is Bi, and says he prefers to bottom when he is with a guy.

And, on Volker (6’4, 215 lbs, 7″ cut) “Volker is also Bi. Mostly into women, but he has had sex with enough guys to have a type a guy. Sounds like he is into twinks, and even though he mentioned that he tops most of the time, because he is the bigger guy, he really does enjoy bottoming too.

James Dawn did bottom for Boys Halfway House and Raunchy Bastard.

This coming Friday, two bareback scenes of Ricky Larkin will be released.

One from Raging Stallion where he was the top to Grant Ryan.

The other one is from Why Not Bi – a foursome that included a woman, a transsexual & Wesley Woods.

He first did gay porn as Calhoun at Chaos Men.

Then, he transferred to Corbin Fisher as Sawyer. He now has 11 gay scenes released.

2 str8 scenes.

And, his latest at Corbin Fisher is his bisexual scene with Toby.

At Corbin Fisher, the first to bareback Toby was in a bisexual scene with Beau.

After his bi scene, Corbin Fisher had Toby bareback by the big dick of Sawyer.

Corbin Fisher has paired Beau & Toby more than once. In both scenes, the bottom shot his load while being barebacked.

For their gay scene, Beau was the bottom.

For their bisexual scene, Toby was the bottom.

Is the length of Beckett’s dick a 7 or an 8?

When he was with Corbin Fisher, it was measured at 7 inches.

He is now with Chaos Men and according to the studio his dick is at 8 inches “He has a hot body with a thick 8″ cock. He thought it was seven inches, but I pulled out the measuring tape when I realized it had to be longer. He was nearly 8″ not quite super-hard.

Beckett did a bi scene at Corbin Fisher.

But, if you want him in action inclusively with guys, he has an upcoming oral scene with Timmy this week at Chaos Men.

If you are into a bisexual scene, Daxx had a condom threesome with Arad Winwin and female porn star, Silvia Saige, at Men.

Dax also had a bareback threesome at Next Door Studios with 2 former Corbin Fisher models – Gunner & Nathan Styles.