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It has been 4 years (I think) since Brandon Evans had a scene released. His latest had him in a flip fuck with a newbie (Mick Marlo) at Active Duty.

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4 thoughts on “Back in action: Brandon Evans in a flip fuck”
  1. Brandon Evans is one of my all time favorite gay porn stars. I always liked watching him wrap his lips around a big cock and then giving a hot scene partner a piece of his oh so fine ass.

  2. Me too @andrew. I’ve been excited about seeing Brandon again for a while now, super glad it’s finally out. It’s a bit of a surprise, but a good surprise that Brandon doesn’t look like he changed much, but anyway I hope this is not a one time thing for Brandon though. Since he loves cumming with his ass fucked, might as well let us see him too, right? Hope there’s more.

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