Brock Magnus & Andrey Vic are seldom the top in their scenes at Lucas Entertainment. This would be a treat to their fans who loves to watch them bottom.

A flip fuck for the first scene [gallery] of Rodrigo Alves via Kristen Bjorn.

Chris Loan is seldom the bottom. While, Jean Franko had more scenes as the top and majority of his scenes as the bottom had him in a flip fuck. So, the two alphas were paired by Men in a flip fuck scene.

Colby Tucker had a medical problem with his junk and Johnny Rapid fixed it with his hands. Then, Colby made sure it worked by having a flip fuck with Johnny [via Men].

Bradley Hayes & Blake Effortley first had a scene as the top at Active Duty with Bradley with Scott Finn and Blake with Jesse Kovac.

For their 2nd pair-up, the two were paired by Active Duty in a flip fuck scene [gallery], their first time as the bottom.

If you love your top to carry you while he fucks you, Clark Davis is your man.

Clark in a flip fuck with Wess Russel at Cocky Boys.