FLIP FUCK with Billy Cotton & Andrei Karenin

According to Belami Online, this is the last scene of Billy Cotton in their archives.

It’s in two parts “Normally we film our flip-flop scenes over 2 days, but the boys had a few days in between filming the 2 parts of this scene, so plenty of time to recover energy and rebuild vast reservoirs of cum.

Part 1 had Billy as the bottom to Andrei Karenin.

And, Billy was the top in part 2.

FEET of Justin Matthews

I know he is showing his delicious meat. For feet lovers, they maybe focusing on something else 🙂

The latest on Justin at Next Door Studios was his scene [gallery] with Adrian Hart where he stepped on Adrian while he barebacked him.

3rd time for Rocky (Tate) & Roman was as FLIP FUCK

The first pair-up of Rocky & Roman was the Halloween themed scene at Corbin Fisher in 2020 where Roman was the top.

It was followed by the 2nd time of Roman as the top to Rocky.

And now, it’s a flip fuck between the two as the latest update at Corbin Fisher.