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The stepdad (Brody Kayman) was the top to his stepson in Cum and Chill at Say Uncle ( via Family Dick).

Aaron’s life is a mess right now. The twink doesn’t have a job, no money, and he can’t take his girlfriend anywhere because he’s broke. Plus, he’s been living off his stepdad Brody at his place and the house is a mess. Brody feels sympathy for his stepson and rubs his back to help him relax. Noticing how stiff he is, Brody realizes his stepson hasn’t cum in a while, the perfect way to release some tension in this messy situation. Dropping on his knees while massaging his boy’s muscular legs, Brody reaches out for Aaron’s crotch and gently licks his boy’s balls till he reaches his cock. Suddenly, he turns Aaron around and eats his ass with passion, noticing how the twink releases tension instantly by eating his ass. Horny and relaxed, Aaron enjoys how his stepdad softly pushes his cock inside of his cum hole, opening it wider and wider with each stroke. Fully committed to the moment, Aaron screams in delight, begging his stepdad to stuff him up. Not being able to hold it any longer, Aaron makes a mess all over himself by shooting his load all over himself.

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