Creampied the site owner: Mason

Mason is the latest guy at Beefcake Hunter to shoot his load inside the site owner.

I told him to fuck me to completion, and that is precisely what he did; exploding inside me and then falling on top of me exhausted was a grand finale, like many of us like it.

The reason for Mason’s return to Beefcake Hunter was to fix or buy a new bike.

When I saw him, I understood why the urgency; he had already gotten into another accident with his bike. He needed to either fix it or get a new one. I am glad he needed the gig, but under no circumstances do I wish him to get into accidents; I appreciate him so much that I would love him to stop playing the daredevil behavior.

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  1. Tony

    “Creampie” is misleading. I would hazard a guess that when most people think of giving or receiving a creampie, there is no condom involved. The ejaculate releases from the dick into the ass, not from the dick into the condom while its in the ass.

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