One was not enough for Dane & Malec

There are now 2 scenes at Corbin Fisher that paired Dane & Malec, who loves to top.

The first one did not have Malec suck Dane’s cock but rimming was involved.

The second one had Malec bred Dane.

As for Malec as the bottom, he did it once at Corbin Fisher.

The latest to be SERVICED by Bentley Lane

The 3rd scene of Bentley Lane this month of February at Chaos Men had Johnny Cohen shoot his load on Bentley’s cock then Cohen ate his own load.

Bentley was “forced” to do gay porn.

Countdown to 100 loads for Jarret Moon

Jarret Moon is not that active in gay porn. His latest scene was all about his feet at My Friends’ Feet.

Jarret was in a thruple with Big C & his husband that didn’t end well.

And, he is now in a relationship with another controversial porn star – Daniel Hausser – revealed by Jarret more than once on Twitter but deleted the tweets.

FIRST TIME of Gregg Flynn

Gregg Flynn’s first scene released as the bottom to Elio Chamalet at Fresh Men is 1 of the 2 scenes the porn studio filmed with Gregg “Greg did his training as part of our “Summer in Prague” series. This was the only scene we filmed with him after that.