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FEET of Hugh tasted by Dane

This is one of the few scenes of Hugh at Corbin Fisher where he was the top. This is their 2nd pair up. In their 1st pair-up, Hugh was the bottom.

Baker’s FEET used to make a sandwich 😀

Thomas had his cock wrap around Baker’s feet [via Corbin Fisher]. It also had Thomas feed Baker with vitamins¬†😋.


This scene is the finale of the Christian Lundgren series at Belami Online titled “Christian’s Accidental Lovers”. It’s a flip fuck in two parts. The first part had Christian bottom for Jon Kael.

TRAIN FUCK with Jack Harrer, Jon Kael & Marcel Gassion

Belami Online had Jack Harrer fuck Marcel Gassion while Marcel fucked Jon Kael. And, Marcel had his mouth & hole stuffed with cum.

The TATTOOED Tristan Sweet

Tristan Sweet is the latest addition of the halfway house of Boys Halfway House.

FIRST TIME as a BOTTOM for Rafael Moretti

For Rafael Moretti’s second scene with Belami Online, he got fucked by Hoyt Kogan. *** DISCOUNT 20% to 30% off at Belami Online ***

FLIP FUCK with Santino & Teo

Teo was bred by Santino in their scene at Chaos Men. *** DISCOUNT $20 off for a 3 month membership @ Chaos Men ***