It seems Corbin Fisher will introduce 1 guy per month. No more weekly guys introduced on the site. For January, its the 6 footer Jaden with a 7 inch cock.

I just hope every guy they introduced will be back for a gay scene.

Jude is the latest update at Corbin Fisher with 2 scenes as the top.

First in a str8 scene.

Then, in a gay scene with Wesley.

He first did gay porn as Calhoun at Chaos Men.

Then, he transferred to Corbin Fisher as Sawyer. He now has 11 gay scenes released.

2 str8 scenes.

And, his latest at Corbin Fisher is his bisexual scene with Toby.

Jude is one popular guy at Corbin Fisher since he was their update for Christmas with Elian and now with Dane for New Year.

For Jude’s first gay scene in gay porn, Corbin Fisher had him bareback Elian.

The talent pool at Corbin Fisher is getting small that their guys are paired more than once like Wesley and Dane.

For their first (Nov. 2017) pair-up, Dane was the bottom.

For their second (July 2018) pair-up, Wesley was the bottom.

For their third (Dec. 2018) pair-up, Wesley was once again the bottom.

At Corbin Fisher, the first to bareback Toby was in a bisexual scene with Beau.

After his bi scene, Corbin Fisher had Toby bareback by the big dick of Sawyer.