FLIP FUCK with Brian Jovovich & Yannick Modine

At Belami Online, majority (or all?) of their flip fuck scenes are released in 2 scenes (a day apart) like with the pair-up of Brian Jovovich & Yannick Modine.

In the first scene, Yannick was the top.

While, the second scene had Brian as the top.

2nd DOUBLE PENETRATION for Rick Palmer

Rick Palmer has been double penetrated twice in gay porn.

The first one happened at Fresh Men last September 2018 with Jim Durden & Kirk Gauguin.

It was followed this week with Dylan Maguire & Jim Durden at Belami Online, the sister site of Fresh Men.


It was in 2017 the Phil Jarreau was introduced by Belami Online.

He first had a threesome as the bottom at Fresh Men where he was barebacked by Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta.

Last year, Belami Online released his 2 scenes as the bottom. One with Justin Sarandon and the other one with Ariel Vanean

JOCK on JOCK with Andrei Karenin & Niko Vangelis

Belami Online does not release scenes in sequence since according to them, the 3rd scene they released on Niko Vangelis paired with Andre Karenin was the first time Niko was the bottom. So, his scene with Jon Kael was not first time he bottomed on camera.