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GLASSES ON for Blake Barnes

In his first scene released by Next Door Buddies, Blake Barnes [gallery] played the psychiatrist and Markie More was his patient, who was conflicted with his sexuality.

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Paul Canon & Ian Greene

The scene [gallery] is from Next Door Buddies. Paul Canon was also fucked by Ian Greene. In real life, Paul does not enjoy being the bottom. When you’re in a relationship do you bottom for your boyfriend… — Im pretty much just a top..i dont enjoy bottoming https://t.co/JSDDmO233O — Paul Canon (@PAULTHECANONXXX) May 31, 2016

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Roman Todd & Jake Davis

I normally see this position from Roman Todd & Jake Davis [gallery] where the bottom is facing his top. Theirs is the reverse position. [via Next Door Buddies]

THREESOME with Dante Martin, Damian Black, Allen Lucas

Next Door Buddies had Dante & Damian play the lovers where their room mate Allen joined in for the fun [gallery].

GAY 4 PAY: Johnny Torque

Johnny Torque is one of the few porn stars who only went to the gym for his upper body. Look at his legs in the photos [gallery] below with Griffin Barrows for Next Door Buddies. His lower body is not proportional with his upper body.

RIMMING by Damien Michaels to Brandon Moore

A sex position you might want to try from Next Door Buddies [gallery].

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Markie More & Addison Graham

Addison Graham showed his flexibility with his scene [gallery] with Markie More from Next Door Buddies. Have you tried it?