Roman Todd “Are you fucking serious? You’re my fucking step-dad.”

The words Roman Todd uttered when his step dad tried to seduce him.

Yet, Roman went down on his step dad [gallery].

And, he got fucked.

Up next for the step dad is the “brother” of Roman.

via Next Door Taboo

Latest bottom for Anthony Moore

Anthony More did bottom for the first time early this year. After that, it was scene after scene of him as the top and his latest bottom was Nic Sahara at Next Door Studios when he took a study break [gallery] to apply the theories he learned in Calculus in real life 🙂

Velocity and acceleration 😁🤪

Suppose that the function s ( t ) describes the position of an object in a coordinate system at time t . Then the first derivative of the function s ( t ) is the instantaneous velocity of the object:
v = s ′ = f ′ ( t )

The second derivative of the function s ( t ) is the instantaneous acceleration of the object:
w = v ′ = s ′ ′ = f ′ ′ ( t )

ARMPITS of the 6’4″ Tyler Roberts

Or, are you looking at his 8.5″ cock?

This 2020, majority of his scenes were released by Raw Fuck Club.

And, he got bigger during the lockdown.

Lock me down with him 🙏

9″ UNCUT COCK of Devin Trez for Cazden Hunter

Two guys with uncut cocks paired by Falcon Studios [gallery] where the always the top, 6 footer Devin Trez, barebacked Cazden Hunter.

What was hot?
– Big uncut dick of Devin and a sweaty Devin.
What was not?
– The cum shot of Devin.

This scene was shot last July 2020.