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JOCKS: Nixon with Brendan

Out of the nine scenes released by Sean Cody on Nixon, he only bottomed once. For his latest scene, he was again the top.

JOCK: Piers Marini

Piers Marini is one of the new guys this week at Belami Online.  

THREESOME with Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan & Julien Hussey

This threesome scene from Belami Online was split into 2 (oral & fucking) scenes. All in all, 6 cumshots. And, Julien’s hole was shared by Zac & Kris.

JOCK: Elye Black

Elye Black [gallery] is the new guy at Active Duty.

JOCK: Miles Aiken

Miles Aiken is one hot addition to Belami Online.

BUZZ CUT: Libor Vanek

The uncut Libor Vanek is one of the new guys at William Higgins.

THREESOME with Deacon, Asher & Brysen

It’s not often we get to watch 3 hot guys who are really into guys in real life. So, thank you Sean Cody!