Armpits of a hockey player (Tony D’Angelo) right after a game

Tony D’Angelo with Aiden Jacob as his latest bottom at Bromo in Smelly Hockey Fuckers.

Aiden Jacobs can't help it, his sweaty hockey teammate Tony D'Angelo smells so good, he has to try to sneakily sniff his jock strap. When Tony catches him, he pushes the blond bottom to his knees and fucks his mouth, then pulls off his skates and rubs his feet on Aiden's face. Aiden can't get enough of licking and sniffing the top's pits, then puts his skates in the air as Tony fucks him missionary on the bench. 
Aiden gets dicked down doggystyle, then rides Tony till he cums on the top's chest and takes a creampie!

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One thought on “Armpits of a hockey player (Tony D’Angelo) right after a game

  1. The stuff coming from his asshole does not flow like semen. Tony looks rough but hot.

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