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BUZZ CUT: Libor Vanek

The uncut Libor Vanek is one of the new guys at William Higgins.

Jerome’s ARMPITS tasted by Lorenzo

For Jerome’s first guy experience at Chaos Men, he had his armpits licked by Lorenzo. And, I noticed his cock was always hard. Good to know, he enjoyed it.

JOCK: Levi

Levi is the new guy at Corbin Fisher.


The 6’2″ Vance is the new guy at Sean Cody this week.


Wyatt is the new guy at Corbin Fisher.

The UNCUT Adam Nezral

Adam Nezral is the new guy at William Higgins.

A BEARDED Scott Ambrose aka Caspar

He is known as Scott Ambrose in gay porn but Chaos Men renamed him as Caspar, their new guy this week. [h/t to metafile & Alias74]