BEARDED Morgan Blake in his FIRST BAREBACK scene

If I am not mistaken, his Bromo scene in an abandoned building with Tobias James is his first time in a bareback scene.

Morgan has always been the top in his scenes in gay porn. Does his hole suggest he likes to get fucked in his private life?

Morgan does str8 porn.

LOVES TO TOP: Ashton Summers

Lately, the scenes released of Ashton Summers had him as the top. I believe it has been over a year since Ashton was the bottom or in a flip fuck scene. His latest scene had him top Sean Ford at Cocky Boys.

*** Tweets from Ashton after he left Helix Studios.

LOVES TO TOP: Shane Cook

Helix Studios is known for their twinks. I noticed they have 3 guys, who doesn’t fit the twink mold, who are always the top – Luke Wilder, Corey Marshall and Shane Cook.

Shane has now fucked (mostly bareback) 7 guys at Helix Studios. The latest was Tyler Hill.

The other twinks Shane fucked were Cole Claire, Joey Mills, Kyle Ross, Travis Berkley, Collin Adams and Angel Rivera.