A real life veteran who loves to bottom

The 5’5 Maximus Kelly, who weighs at 179 lbs., at Gay Hoopla with his 3rd top (Andy McBride & Kane Hardy) in Mason Skyy.

Maximus Kelly is 100% Grade A Beef woof! Muscles on muscles and cake to boot, Maximus is an all-American STUD! He currently identifies as Bi, and has around 70-80 sexual partners. Of that he says "20-30 guys, and probably 40-50 women" but he has never had a MMF threesome before. He clearly likes working out and his goal weight is 200lbs. He like comics and animation. He says he's been to 7 Comicons and 2 Animacons including one in Tokyo. Yup, our boy is well traveled and worldly Veteran! Thank you Sir!

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