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12th time as a BOTTOM for Shaw

The latest top for Shaw at Sean Cody is Landon.


I did make a post about him last month with regards to his 10th in a rowย as a bottom. He got fucked again in his latest scene at Sean Cody. This time with the new guy named Conrad.

10th in a row as a BOTTOM: Shaw

Shaw now has 15 scenes released by Sean Cody. He first topped in his first 5 scenes. And, he bottomed in last 10 scenes, with one scene as a flip fuck.ย His latest top was Frankie.


If you like to fuck big butts, Jimmy Bona of Gay Hoopla is your man ๐Ÿ™‚

The next King of Bottoms – Angel Rock?

Angel Rock was barebacked by his ex-lover when they did amateur live shows at Flirt 4 Free in 2010. He entered gay porn after his amateur live shows. He was strictly top. Until, this month of May 2012 when College Dudes released the scene of Angel Rock as a bottom to Bryan Cavallo. In the