Tony Romero was introduced by Gay Hoopla last January 2019.

He now has 2 gay scenes released. One as the top to Troy Daniel.

The other one as the bottom to Mani Storms.

The 6’1 Jayden Marcos with a 9″ cock is a newbie at Gay Hoopla where his first had him as the top to Travis Youth.

It will be followed this coming Friday by his first scene as the bottom to the 8″ cock of the 6’5″ Randy Reno at Gay Hoopla.

For non members of Gay Hoopla, new models introduced last month had no names and their faces were covered.

This was guy #2.

He is Troy Daniel. Gay Hoopla is now showing his face to non members since he is now doing a hardcore scene.

The top for Troy Daniel was Tony Romero. Like Troy, this was also Tony Romero’s first gay scene for Gay Hoopla.

Tony has done 2 str8 scenes for Hot Guys Fuck.

For the first time of Bryce Beckett at Gay Hoopla, he fucked the 5’9 & 170lbs Price Hogan.

The first to experience the 8″ cock of Joel Gordo at Gay Hoopla was Collin Simpson.

The 9″ dick of London Ryan was introduced by Gay Hoopla last year.

He now has 4 scenes as the top to Josh Farve, Rico Vega, Jimmy Norris & Sean Costin at Gay Hoopla.

If you prefer to watch him doing str8 porn, he had one scene at Hot Guys Fuck.

The 6’1 Noah Gato with a 7″ cock is the new guy this week at Gay Hoopla.

Noah already did str8 porn for Gay Hoopla‘s str8 site – Hot Guys Fuck.