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FRESH MEAT: Kyle Holmes

Kyle Holmes will be introduced next week by Gay Hoopla.


The solo of Dorian James will be released next week by Gay Hoopla.

FIRST TIME for Jimmy Coble

Jimmy Coble was introduced by Gay Hoopla last month. For his first gay scene at Gay Hoopla, he was fucked by Derek Jones.

SEX POSITIONS TO TRY from Derek Jones & James Manziel

It requires a stool. [via Gay Hoopla]

FIRST TIME of Nick Harper

The 5’11” Nick Harper was introduced last week by Gay Hoopla. It was followed this week by his first gay scene where he fucked Collin Simpson.

JOCK: Lucas Garza as the bottom

This is the second time Lucas Garza has bottomed at Gay Hoopla.

Alex Griffen fucked while wearing a JOCKSTRAP

For this muscle on muscle pair-up, Gay Hoopla had Alex Griffen as the bottom white wearing his jockstrap.