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FLIP FUCK with Niko Vangelis & Jeroen Mondrian

A two part scene at Belami Online means it is a flip fuck scene.

The first part had Jeroen Mondrian as the top to Niko Vangelis.

Part two will have Niko as the top which is up next at Belami Online.

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William Seed is the FIRST TOP for Ashton Summers at Men

The 6 footer Ashton Summers is the latest exclusive at Men.

For his debut scene, he got to bottom for the 5’9 William Seed, one of Men‘s most popular models.

Ashton is currently in a relationship in real life with a another gay porn star – Theo Brady, who also works for Men.

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MUSCLE: Gerard Lelouch

The 19 year old Gerard Lelouch will be back for another photo shoot according to Belami Online.

If fans will love him, Belami Online will surely film more scenes of him.

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NEWBIE: Alan Bulka

The 28 year old Alan Bulka, who stands at 5’10”, is the latest addition at William Higgins.

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MUSCLE on MUSCLE: Robin Sanchez with Klein Kerr

If you missed Robin Sanchez in action, he is back at Kristen Bjorn with his scene as the bottom to Klein Kerr.

Cartoon characters as tattoos, hot or not?

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MUSCLE: Stefan Nilsson

The 6’3 Stefan Nilsson, who wants to be professional a body builder, is latest addition this week at Belami Online.

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FIRST TIME of Boban Jovanovic

The debut scene of Boban Jovanovic at Kristen Bjorn had him in a flip fuck with Max Hilton.