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From the gay side of Adult TimeZak Bishop is wearing a harness combined with revealing casual clothing. He welcomes a military man, Ty Roderick, into his home for a hookup. Zak is excited to have sex with a real military man, and the experience becomes especially intense as Ty roleplays as a commanding officer to Zak, who roleplays as a new recruit. Ty is rough and aggressive, calling Zak demeaning nicknames, while Zak is submissive and obedient. Ty orders Zak to undress, and then has Zak do push-ups and sit-ups while wearing nothing but the harness. As the roleplay continues, Ty orders Zak to start sucking on his dick, and Zak complies. Ty removes his own shirt and then speeds up the pace by grabbing Zak’s head and facefucking him. After that, Ty possessively rims Zak and slaps his ass, causing Zak to gasp in pleasure. The intense fuck session then proceeds with Ty continuing to be aggressive and dominant, including pounding his cock into Zak while choking him, having Zak worship his feet, and grabbing the sides of Zak’s mouth for fishooking. Zak enjoys the rough treatment and being ordered around, and even lets Ty creampie him as a grand finale.

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