Gay 4 pay power bottom: Elliot Finn

With the aid of a numbing cream, Elliot Finn becomes a power bottom.

His latest is a threesome at Next Door Studios, where Jayden Marcos and Brock Johnsyn (aka Brock Bradley) took turns shoving their cock inside his hole.

Jayden Marcos and Elliot Finn are two teammates who fuck around when their coach Brock Brodie catches them in the locker room! But Coach Brodie doesn’t like his players fucking in his locker room; not unless they include him in the fun that is!

According to Elliot, he is straight.

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One thought on “Gay 4 pay power bottom: Elliot Finn

  1. As a cock hungry bottom gay guy I sure wish I got all the good dick that straight guy Elliot Finn gets.

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