Construction worker: Straight Venezuelan Pablo

The 7.5″ cock of the 37 years old Pablo, who stands at 5’7″, is the latest construction worker for the owner of Beefcake Hunter.

Straight Venezuelan got serviced after a month or so of back and forth, but it was worth the wait because Beefcake Pablo has a thick and veiny delicious brown cock…yummy!

This divorced construction worker Latino daddy has the blessing of his current girlfriend to do this, but he was still hesitant about walking into BeefCakeHunter Land. When he finally decided, he just gave a day’s notice! It’s a good thing he was packing a big load; just watch how much he cum at the end!

Obviously, this was his first time at the BCH arena. Beefcake Pablo was nervous and asked me for a few beers to relax. Even before starting the real action, he tried to undress himself. He had no idea how the process was…poor thing!

Who is your favorite construction worker at Beefcake Hunter?

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