The FIRST TIME of Damien White

It took awhile for Damien White to suck his first cock.

As Brad of Beefcake Hunter, he got an oral and fucked the owner of the site.

He had the same experience with another owner of the site via Military Classified as Dillinger. And, he got to fuck Cash (aka Calhoun Sawyer).

For his first time sucking a cock, it was with James Ryan (aka Grayson Blackburn & Baldwin), released last week by Stag Collective [gallery], where he was known as Damien White [gallery].

The latest to be SERVICED by Bentley Lane

The 3rd scene of Bentley Lane this month of February at Chaos Men had Johnny Cohen shoot his load on Bentley’s cock then Cohen ate his own load.

Bentley was “forced” to do gay porn.

Shawn Westin got a blow job from a guy who likes him

K-I-S-S-I-N-G πŸ™‚

Shawn Westin, who worked for Gay Hoopla as Ryan Lacey, got his cock sucked at Chaos Men by Ransom where it mentioned Ransom fell for the charms of Shawn “And Ransom fell a little bit in love with Shawn. He loved his attitude, eyes, body, his cock, and even rimming him he was hungry for his hole.

Shawn stands at 6’1 with an 8″ cock.