The 6’3 Kyle Connors loves to SUCK COCK

According to Chaos Men, Kyle loves to bottom & suck cock.

Wish granted!

So, Kyle’s service video at Chaos Men had him suck the 8″ uncut cock of James Dawn while a butt plug vibrated inside his hole.

The ending had Kyle taste the cum of James.

FYI: Kyle did not remove his insulin patch in this scene.

FIRST TIME of Filda Daneska in a FOURSOME

No solo yet released for Filda Daneska at William Higgins. Instead, he was included in the Wank Party #114 with Alexandr Jander, Michal Renok & Misko Sinak.

Part 1 of all Wank Party scenes is all about getting a blow job.

Part 2 will be out soon.