Markus Bailey is the new guy this week at Belami Online whose motto in life was tattooed on his back “My Life My Game”.

His cum shot was bit of disappointing – not enough to quench your thirst 🙂

No solo introduction (soon?) for Scott Leon at Next Door Studios. His first [gallery] had him as the bottom to Jay Luna aka Franco Duran.

Niko Akin (20 yrs old, 5’9″ with a 6.3″ cut cock) @ William Higgins.

It is just a solo for Clark Eckhart according to Belami Online. Not twink enough for their taste?



The newbie this week at Corbin Fisher is the third guy named Clay.

But, if you search the site, only 2 guys named Clay will appear.

The Clay of 2015 was removed from the site since he shot himself after he fired rounds at a restaurant where he worked.