Wesley BAREBACKED for his 3rd pair-up with Dane

The talent pool at Corbin Fisher is getting small that their guys are paired more than once like Wesley and Dane.

For their first (Nov. 2017) pair-up, Dane was the bottom.

For their second (July 2018) pair-up, Wesley was the bottom.

For their third (Dec. 2018) pair-up, Wesley was once again the bottom.

Roman Todd fucked AT THE GYM

The 3rd bottom for Alexander Muller at Falcon Studios was Roman Rodd and the two did it at the gym [gallery].

Roman was recently in the hospital for treatment.

From TOP to BOTTOM for Espen

The big dick of Espen was introduced by Chaos Men last June 2018.

Espen first barebacked JJ Smith and then Wren.

His latest had him in a flip fuck with Easton.

According to Chaos Men on Espen as the bottom “Top only guys don’t seem to work as much, and he is such a cute guy, I want to get him on the site more often.

The TOP & BOTTOM in Zander Lane

He used a few porn names in gay porn. When he first started in 2015, he was known as Scottie Mc Williams. He returned this year and used the names Zander and Zander B. He joined Twitter last June as Zander Lane.

As Zander Lander, he had a threesome [gallery] at Falcon Studios with Austin Wolf & Devin Franco where he & Devin were the bottom.

Last week, he was the top to Cazden Hunter at Gay Room.

And, he is again the latest update at Gay Room where he fucked Tristan Hunter.