Since his return to gay porn last year, Vadim Black is seldom the bottom, much more than a bottom to 2 guys, like in his latest threesome at Men where he was barebacked by Jack Hunter & Steven Lee.

From Men…he figures since his client won’t see them he might as well relieve them both from their pent up cum.

Two tall guys (Austin Wolf @ 6’4 & Jack Hunter @ 6’2) and each with an 8 inch cock were paired by Hot House [gallery].

Woody Fox doing push ups while in a 69 position with Jack Hunter [gallery].

via Hot House

This could be one of the last scenes of cross over porn star, Bo Sinn, at Bromo.

He is done with gay porn.

With over 80+ condom scenes to his credit in gay porn, Tristan Jaxx finally did a bareback scene where he fucked Jack Hunter at Bromo.

If you are not a fan of Jack’s mustache, he recently shaved it off.

Boomer Banks has filmed for gay porn with condom use since he started in 2013. Until now, Cocky Boys just released his first bareback scene that paired him with Jack Hunter.

*** This scene was conceptualized & filmed by Boomer & Jack but released via Cocky Boys.