Tattooed TWINK

What’s with the tattoos at a young age? According to Latin BoyzWhen he was growing up Hardcore was a little shorter than a lot of the other guys at school so he started getting tattoos (lots of them) and learned how to fight to protect himself. His hardcore look turned on the girls and he fucked a lot of them.

Yup, the 20 year old with a big dick was given the name Hardcore by Latin Boyz.

Dillon Diaz as the STEP UNCLE & SECURITY OFFICER of Dylan Hayes

Two upcoming scenes this week for the pair-up of Dillon Diaz and Dylan Hayes at Say Uncle.

The first one at Family Dick where Dillon was the step uncle of Dylan Hayes.

It will be followed by Dillon as the security officer to Dylan at Young Perps.

Kane Fox as a WRESTLER

The latest twink for the 6 footer Kane Fox at Helix Studios had him top Dallas Preston.

Just because Kane is a top, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love cum.

Kane is now a free agent so you’ll see him work for other studios. I am guessing Cocky Boys is up next.