From 2006 to 2010, Craig Daniels worked and lived in the USA.

While in America, he worked at SX Video and his movie Double Fuck My Ass was released in 2009.

thennow_craigdaniels_01 thennow_craigdaniels_02

He also had two movies released by Treasure Island Media1,000 Load Fuck (2009) and Breeding Season 2 (2010).


He is British and is now back in London. Two bareback scenes of Craig, as a top, were released this week.

Fucker Mate paired him with Zeus Espana.


Butch Dixon paired him with Gaston Groupier.


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As Spencer Todd, he was introduced in March 2012 by Broke Straight Boys. If I am not mistaken, all his scenes had him top and wear a condom.

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spencertodd_aka_brent_treasureislandmedia_04 spencertodd_aka_brent_treasureislandmedia_05

He was the talk in 2012 when he admitted in an interview that he preferred being partner to a fellow gay 4 pay since he knew he too would not enjoy it.

It’s weird seeing him work for Treasure Island Media, known for gay men doing bareback sex.

spencertodd_aka_brent_treasureislandmedia_08 spencertodd_aka_brent_treasureislandmedia_09

According to Treasure Island Media, Brent is str8, in a relationship with a women, and is a father at 22.