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NEWBIE: Alan Bulka

The 28 year old Alan Bulka, who stands at 5’10”, is the latest addition at William Higgins.

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A TWINK for Zach Hood

Curtis Cameron is the latest bottom for Zach Hood at Bring Me a Boy.

Both guys worked for William Higgins – Zach, where most of his scenes are now in the archive section of the site, was introduced in 2007 as Thomas Freidl while Curtis was introduced in 2019 as Ben Stolar.

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Jay Moore never had a scene as an exclusive top at Kristen Bjorn. It was either a flip fuck or just as the bottom where his 5 scene partners were Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo, Hugo Stark, Juanjo Rodriquez & Sir Peter.

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FIRST TIME of Jesse Nice

The 6’1 Jesse Nice‘s first scene [gallery] at Active Duty had him bottom for the beefy & muscular Alex James.

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A TRAIN FUCK with a DOUBLE PENETRATION from Dmitry Osten, Devian Rouge & Drew Dixon

For the latest train fuck at Masqulin, it had Dmitry Osten as the top, Devian Rouge as the bottom and Drew Dixon showed his versatility.

It also had a double penetration where Devian who took the dick of Dmitry & Drew.

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Spencer Laval as the first bottom for the BEEFY Max King

Spencer Laval is a fan favorite at Next Door Studios so Max King is lucky to have tasted Spencer for his first scene where Max was the top [gallery].

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13th BOTTOM for Frankie

Frankie loves to top at Sean Cody where his latest bottom was Chris.