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OUTDOORS with Paddy O’Brian & Diego Sans

This is the 13th scene of Paddy O’Brian at Men where he got fucked.

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Diego Sans, Griffin Barrows & Liam Cyber

This scene is via Men.

THREESOME with Diego Sans, Jacob Peterson & Darin Silvers

Diego Sans & Darin Silvers took turns in fucking Jacob Peterson at Men.

UNCUT Jacob Peterson fucked by Diego Sans

The latest in the list of bottoms for Diego Sans over at Men is the uncut Jacob Peterson.

After almost a year, the MUSCLED Adam Bryant bottoms for the second time

It was this January that Men released the scene of Adam Bryant with Diego Sans fucked for the first time. After that, he had 8 scenes released as the top. His latest will be his second time as a bottom. This time for Topher DiMaggio. Adam fucked by two guys, who rarely bottom on camera.

SEX POSITIONS TO TRY from Diego Sans & Ian Greene

Diego Sans‘ scenes at Men had him in different sexual positions. For his latest, Diego wants you to try these positions.

SEX POSITIONS TO TRY from Diego Sans & Chris Harder

In almost all scenes of Diego Sans at Men, he is showing different types of sex position for us to try. And, his scene with Chris Harder is no different. And, a hairy Chris is hotter in my opinion.