The 3rd scene in the series, Men of Thebes, from  Men had the Spartans defeated but the war was not yet over until Diego Sans fucked his commanding officer.

Up next at Men is the scene of Diego Sans (You guessed it, as the TOP.) and Zane Anders. It wouldn’t be Men or a Diego scene without some over the top sexual positions you might like to try at home.

At Men, Diego Sans has never been fucked so expect his scene partners as the bottom.

A sex position you might want to try.

On his 16th scene at Men, the uncut Ryan Bones was finally the bottom and the honors went to the uncut Diego Sans.

Will there be a flip fuck in the future for Ryan and his friend, William Seed?

With 90 scenes listed at Men, Diego Sans was always the top. His latest bottom was the uncut William Seed.

Two back to back scenes were released by Men that included Alex Mecum.

The first one was as a bottom to Diego Sans.

And, the second one was as a top to Beaux Banks.

Although he bottomed before, Diego Sans, with over 80 scenes, has always been the top at Men.