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THREESOME with 3 Elders

The first part of the threesome between 3 elders, namely Dudley, Ence & Sorenson, is now the latest update at Mormon Boyz. All 3 guys have worked for other porn sites – Elder Sorenson is Peter Pounder, Elder Ence is Michael DelRay & Elder Dudley has worked at Reality Dudes but was not given a

FIRST TIME as a bottom for Elder Holland

Elder Holland’s first 3 scenes at Mormon Boyz did not have him as a bottom. It was only on his fourth scene, the latest update at Mormon Boyz, that he got fucked. He is also known as Austin Everett where he topped in all his scene at Gay Room. Also as Austin Everett, his scene

ELDER Holland

The latest addition to Mormon Boyz is Elder Holland.

CAR SEX with Elder Ricci & Elder Sorensen

Elder Sorensen has been bottoming more recently in his scenes at Mormon Boyz.

ALIAS: Peter Pounder aka Elder Sorensen

Last Sunday, he did a live cam show at Guys In Sweatpants as Peter Pounder. Peter Pounder is the same name he uses for his live cam shows at Chaturbate. He is also known as Elder Sorensen for his work at Mormon Boyz. You can also watch him do str8 porn for Mormon Girlz. [info

FIRST CONDOM SCENE for Elder Isaacs aka Tommy Regan

He was first known as elder Isaacs for his bareback work at Mormon Boyz. He was introduced this week as Tommy Regan by Cocky Boys where he was fucked [01] by Levi Karter, who wore a condom. [info shared by Jace]

ALIAS Garrett Cooper aka Elder Lindsay

He was first known as Garrett Cooper in gay porn and started with bareback scenes [01, 02 & 03] via Jason Sparks Live. Then, he did condom porn for MEN. But, he does bareback scenes as Elder Lindsay at Mormon Boyz. [info shared by Bo]