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William Seed is the FIRST TOP for Ashton Summers at Men

The 6 footer Ashton Summers is the latest exclusive at Men.

For his debut scene, he got to bottom for the 5’9 William Seed, one of Men‘s most popular models.

Ashton is currently in a relationship in real life with a another gay porn star – Theo Brady, who also works for Men.

Condom Medical Where to do it?

NURSE Kaleb Stryker with PATIENT William Seed

There is a twist in this nurse, patient scenario from Men – the presence of a woman, who plays as the fiancee of William Seed.

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Place To Have Sex: Fruit section of the grocery

The latest on William Seed was his condom scene with Ty Mitchell at the fruits & vegetables section of a grocery. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Men scene without a woman present.

Were the fruits & vegetables still sold to customers of the grocery after they filmed the scene?

Bisexual Jocks Tattooed Men Threesome With and without condoms

The GAY & BISEXUAL in William Seed in a THREESOME

Two threesome scenes with a similar concept for William Seed.

The first one were 3 guys in front of the television playing a video game at Men while the other one were two guys and a woman in front of the television watching a movie at Why Not Bi.

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SEX POSITIONS TO TRY from your sensei with a hard on 😀

Another weird or quirky scenario at Men where the sensei (William Seed) used his hard dick to defeat the Red Dojo and the student (Calvin Banks) helped his sensei with his hard on.

Condom Jocks Locker Room Uniforms

COACH William Seed

Trent King got to taste his soccer coach, William Seed, over at Men.

Lean, slim or swimmer's body LOVES to Bottom With and without condoms

Sean Peek as the BOTTOM to William Seed & Aiden Ward

Two scenes this week for the newbie Sean Peek, who loves to bottom.

A condom scene with William Seed at Men.

And, a bareback scene with Aiden Ward at Cocky Boys.