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The latest update at Raging Stallion paired Aarin Asker (top) with Hoytt Walker [gallery].

Bennett Anthony with 3 blue collared workers

This oral foursome [gallery] had Bennett Anthony suck the cocks of the 3 service crew of a diner [via Raging Stallion].

Mick Stallone SHARED by Bruce Beckham & Jason Vario

In this threesome scene [gallery] from Raging Stallion, Mick Stallone was fucked by Bruce Beckham & Jason Vario.

UNCUT COCK of Spencer Whitman

Raging Stallion had two hairy guys, Spencer Whitman & Tegan Zayne, in a flip fuck.

HAIRY SEX with the TATTOOED Rikk York & Hugo Diaz

Raging Stallion had Rikk York & Hugo Diaz in a flip fuck [gallery].

HAIRY MEN: Bravo Delta with Aarin Asker

Bravo Delta fucked Aarin Asker for Raging Stallion [gallery]. Bravo. Aarin. Two ways Aarin sat on Bravo Delta.

HAIRY & BEEFY: Spencer Whitman

The latest update on Spencer Whitman is his pair up with Wesley Woods [gallery] released by Raging Stallion. He is on twitter and has a Rent Men profile where you can taste him for a minimum of $300.