You all know Jax at Sean Cody who now has 13 scenes as the top.

The other Jax first topped at The Guy Site and he is now on his second bottom at Men with Jake Porter.

A warning from Men 🙂

When Eli Hunter brought his girlfriend to Edi Danger’s man cave “Eddie Danger shows off his man cave to Eli Hunter and his girlfriend. They settle in to watch the big game, but Eli’s girlfriend is less than interested in sports. She falls asleep on the couch, leaving the guys to their own devices. When Eli accidentally spills a drink behind the bar, Eddie whips out his hard cock tempting Eli to suck him off while his girlfriend lies on the couch a few feet away.

When JJ Knight & boyfriend shared a room with Tyler Berg in a hostel “Sexy and bearded Tyler Berg is sharing a hostel room with hunky JJ Knight and his territorial boyfriend. When the sun goes down JJ sneaks away from his partner and seduces Tyler in the bunk right underneath his sleeping boyfriend! JJ and Tyler trade blowjobs, exploring each other’s bodies with their mouths and hands while JJ’s boyfriend is none the wiser. The two big dicked studs fuck all over the room, avoiding detection until JJ shoots his thick load all over Tyler’s eager face.

At work for William Seed visited by his boyfriend [via Men].

Scenes in gay porn with a boyfriend theme, be it real or reel, should be bareback.

Johnny Rapid and Michael Boston over at Men that had these sex positions you might want to try in your next encounter. Unfortunately, only the second one happened in the actual video.

Chris Loan is seldom the bottom. While, Jean Franko had more scenes as the top and majority of his scenes as the bottom had him in a flip fuck. So, the two alphas were paired by Men in a flip fuck scene.

Colby Tucker had a medical problem with his junk and Johnny Rapid fixed it with his hands. Then, Colby made sure it worked by having a flip fuck with Johnny [via Men].

This coming Thursday, Men will release the scene of Ricky Larkin & Beaux Banks where the duo showed a sex position that you might want to try at home.

If you ❤ Ricky, he is into feet.