Bareback Where to do it?

Where to do it? Kitchen of a catering company

The 3rd scene for The Gay Simple Life from Naked Sword had Josh Moore bareback Dakota Payne.

Bareback Cars SUVS & other motorized vehicles LOVES to TOP Outdoors

Where to do it? At the back of a pick-up truck

The latest bottom for Cade Maddox, who is always the top, was Josh Moore at Naked Sword where they did it outdoors on the back of a pick up truck.

Breeding Creampies Cum Eating

Ricky Larkin LICKED his OWN CUM and SPITTED it on Dakota Payne’s mouth

Ricky Larkin as the top to Dakota Payne where Dakota asked Ricky to lick his cum and feed it to him via Naked Sword [gallery].

Jocks Threesome Uncut Cock

Calvin Banks as the BOTTOM in a THREESOME

Dante Colle and Josh Moore took turns to fuck Calvin Banks at Naked Sword [gallery].

Bareback Facial and Body Hair Feet Hairy Men

Ricky Larkin and his LOVE FOR FEET

You all know Ricky Larkin loves feet.

He likes to include his love for feet with his sex scenes for gay porn. And, the feet of Zander Lane at Naked Sword was his latest.

His signature move.

The ol’ sniff the foot while fucking .. Thats my move 😊— ricky larkin (@rickylark1n) March 29, 2019

Bareback Boots Where to do it?

2nd time Nic Sahara was BAREBACKED by JJ Knight this week

Hot House was the first to release the scene of Nic Sahara barebacked by JJ Knight which was directed Trenton Ducati [gallery].

It was followed by their sister site, Naked Sword, which was directed by mr. Pam [gallery].

But, I think Naked Sword filmed first and Hot House followed a day later since Nic was clean shaven in his Hot House scene.

Jocks Orgy With and without condoms

Ryan Rose in a FOURSOME with 3 Belami boys

Ryan Rose is one of the few Americans who tasted not 1 but 3 boys of Belami Online with his foursome with Andrei Karenin, Jon Kael & Joaquin Arrenas for Naked Sword.

Unfortunately, Ryan had to use a condom for his Naked Sword scene but the boys of Belami Online did not use one with one another.