It’s David Skylar.

Something has to be done before David officially becomes Alex Tanner’s brother-in-law.

From Next Door TabooDavid Skylar is getting married and Alex Tanner thinks he’s making a big mistake marrying his boring sister. Nonetheless, Alex decides to give David a proper sendoff into married life by bedding his sister’s soon-to-be husband.” [gallery]

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One thought on “BROTHER-IN-LAW of Alex Tanner

  1. Shame Alex was wasted on one of the very few scenes of his that will be released with such a boring trade performer whose dick is far from ‘all that’ by any sense of a top-only porn performer with his clear limitations. Shame that current Alex wasn’t scheduled with Mathias in his prime or that he possibly will never get with Spencer Laval since he’s apparently not coming back to the industry post some of the opening up that has happend since lockdown.

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