Dane Stewart CAUGHT BY HIS GIRLFRIEND with Casey Jacks

Dane Stewart was ignored by his girlfriend on girlfriend’s day so when Casey Jacks arrived, Dane had him suck his cock. The girlfriend caught the two and left.┬áSo, what else is there to do than continue where the two left off [via Men].

Casey Jacks was fucked while his girlfriend was sleeping

From MenCasey Jacks and John Magnum are sharing a room together along with their girlfriends. The girls are resting while both men are wide awake and horny. Why bother them when they can just take care of each other.

QUICKIE IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM for Sergeant Miles & Will Braun

The story line for this scene from Men included a girlfriend for Sergeant Miles, who went inside a public restroom to fuck Will Braun “Sergeant Miles is out at the park with a group of his friends and girlfriend. He and Will Braun catch eyes and soon follow one another into the restroom for a quick fuck.


From MenArad Winwin and his girlfriend are hoping to lock down her dream home when Wesley Woods comes knocking to collect debt payments that are way past due. Thinking quickly on his feet, Arad suggests another form of payment that Wesley is happy to accept as a substitution.