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Alex Griffen fucked while wearing a JOCKSTRAP

For this muscle on muscle pair-up, Gay Hoopla had Alex Griffen as the bottom white wearing his jockstrap.

FLIP FUCK of Collin Simpson and Alex Griffen

Two muscled guys paired by Gay Hoopla. *** Gay Hoopla @ $9.95 /mo (streaming only)

FLIP FUCK with Max Summerfield & Alex Griffen

Both guys from Gay Hoopla sports an 8 inch cock. Max is done. So, he just laid down to get fucked.

SIZE DIFFERENCE: Alex Griffen and Phillip Anadarko

Alex Griffen, who is 5’11” in height, weighs 185 lbs & with an 8″ cock, in a flip fuck with the 5’8″, 165 lbs with a 7″ Phillip Anadarko cock at Gay Hoopla.

FRESH MEAT: Alex Griffen

Gay Hoopla mentioned in his solo that he has a giant dick but did not include the measurement of Alex Griffen Jr. 🙂