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Scott Riley SNIFFED Christian Wilde’s JOCKSTRAP

Who wouldn’t sniff Christian Wilde’s jockstrap? And, mug for the camera that you were mad that your jockstrap was sniffed by a guy. Then, give in to the fetish. via Pride Studios [gallery]

TATTOOED Christian Wilde with Hunter Vance

The scene of Christian Wilde with Hunter Vance from Pride Studios could be one of the last scenes [gallery] of Christian in gay porn. We may lose Christian to the medical profession since he is currently studying for his EMT accreditation. And, he is getting good grades 🙂 🙂 🙂 Second big EMT test. pic.twitter.com/hBglRaggJc


After 18 scenes as a top at MEN, Will Braun finally bottomed for the first time. He was fucked by Christian Wilde, who had his first time as a bottom last year.

TATTOOED GUYS Christian Wilde and Joey Rico

Men had Christian Wilde and Joey Rico play the two guys that had sexual chemistry based on the findings of sex experts. Did Christian Wilde pull it off considering he is in a relationship with a female porn star, who gave birth to their first child? No. Joey Rico had a hard time getting a

SWING Christian Wilde and Scott Harbor


GALLERY Christian Wilde and Johnny Rapid (condom)

[released by MEN] Both guys are in a relationship with a woman, in real life.

GALLERY Christian Wilde (S&M)

[released by Men On Edge]