The 5’9 Elye Black was shared in a threesome [gallery] by the 6’1 Mark Long and the 6’6 Dacotah Red at Next Door Studios.

The tables were turned on one of the soccer player, Mark Long, when he became the bottom.

While, the other soccer player, Dakotah Red, got to taste the cum of Mark and Elye.

Mark Long as the BOTTOM

This year, Mark Long had a few flip fuck scenes released. Unfortunately, it only had him barebacked for a minute or so. But, for his scene [gallery] with Adam Gregory at Next Door Studios, it had Mark only as the bottom – more time to watch him get fucked.

*** Adam Gregory aka Broderick of Sean Cody aka Adam Adonis [gallery] of Jason Sparks Live.

FLIP FUCK with Mark Long

Last week, Mark Long had a threesome [gallery] at Next Door Studios where he was barebacked by Roman Todd & Ty Thomas. This week, his scene with Jay Dymel at Next Door Studios had him in a flip fuck [gallery].

On both scenes, Mark was barebacked for a short while. And, he seems to prefer to get fucked while sitting down on his partner.


Mark Long was introduced in 2011 and now has 42 scenes listed by Next Door Studios. His first time [gallery] as a bottom was with a woman, who wore a strap on dildo back in 2013. For his first cock inside his hole, it was with Markie More back in 2016. He is back as a bottom at Next Door Studios where he was barebacked by Mathias.