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FRESH MEAT: Marek Provaz

Marek Provaz is the new guy at William Higgins.

From TOP to BOTTOM for Martin Gajda

Martin Gajda is also known in gay porn as Andrew Gonzales, Luke Volta, Rick Jonas and Wayne Taub. Since he started porn a few months ago, he has always been a top. His latest [gallery] at Boy Fun had him as a top to Rosta Benecky. For his first time as a bottom, he got

From TOP to BOTTOM for Martin Polnak

At William Higgins, he had 3 scenes as a top. At Str8 Hell, he had 1 scene as a top and 1 scene where he got fingered. If you want him as a bottom, he is guy #272 at Czech Hunter. [info shared by Men Sparkle]

TWINK: Ivo Kolar

Ivo Kolar is one of the new guys this October at William Higgins.

LEAN GUYS: Borek Sokol with Jan Sadecky

Borek Sokol wore a condom to fuck Jan Sadecky at William Higgins.

TWINK & UNCUT: Ondra Black

Ondra Black is the new guy at William Higgins.


Rado Zuska is supposedly the brother of Petr & Romi Zuska. Rado is the latest update at Str8 Hell where he played the officer in their Airport Security series.