Shawn Assmore was barebacked by the mechanic on the side, top & inside of his car [via Bromo].

Johnny Rapid and Michael Boston over at Men that had these sex positions you might want to try in your next encounter. Unfortunately, only the second one happened in the actual video.

Every year, we get to watch Mathias bottom at least once in gay porn. In 2017, it was with Quentin Gainz [gallery]. A year after that, it was Ty Thomas [gallery] and Blaine Jameson [gallery].

This 2019, his first top is Ryan Jordan at Next Door Studios [gallery].

This coming Thursday, Men will release the scene of Ricky Larkin & Beaux Banks where the duo showed a sex position that you might want to try at home.

If you ❤ Ricky, he is into feet.

Brysen is more of a top than a bottom at Sean Cody.

This 2019, he started with Cam, Jace and Angelo.

And, Brysen, who now sports a beard, is on his 4th bottom this 2019 at Sean Cody with Riley.

Overall, Riley is his 8th bottom in a row at Sean Cody. The last time Brysen was the bottom was back in June of 2018 with Brock.