Piers Marini is one of the new guys this week at Belami Online.


In a few hours, Kaleb will be introduced by Sean Cody.

The next guy to experience the 10 inch cock of the owner of Tim Tales is Henrik Sommer.

In terms of height, Sean Cody measured Jack as 6’4″ in height, who is 7 inches taller than his scene partner, Daniel. In terms of mass, JAck is 85 lbs heavier.

Two scenes of Lucas Foz were released this week.

One as a top, where he a barebacked Ivan Gregory and Denis Sokolov at Kristen Bjorn.

The other one as a bottom to Paddy O’Brian over at Men.

This scene [gallery] from Next Door Studios had Jimmy Clay fuck Quentin Gainz while Quentin fucked Ty Thomas.

Pride Studios measured the cock of Van Wilder as 8 inches long [gallery].