The crazy sex positions with Diesel Washington

It won’t be a Diesel Washington scene [gallery] without those crazy positions that he invented himself. His latest scene at Naked Sword was no exception. He showed his “bully” position (2nd pic) and one that I haven’t seen yet (3rd pic).


Will you apply these positions with your sex life?

Peep is the new theme from Chaos Men

Chaos Men is currently testing a new porn theme where you get to see models filming themselves at their own place. They are calling it Peep. With this addition, expect to receive 4, instead of 3, updates a week from Chaos Men.


Currently, there are 3 scenes with a peep theme released. Glen showed his house boat.


You also get to peep on their bathroom and bedroom.


5th pair-up of Tommy Defendi and Phenix Saint

1. It first happened in 2009 when the two, Tommy Defendi & Phenix Saint, were paired at Extra Big Dicks. It was Tommy who got fucked.

tommy_defendi_phenix_saint_5thpairup_01 tommy_defendi_phenix_saint_5thpairup_02
tommy_defendi_phenix_saint_5thpairup_03 tommy_defendi_phenix_saint_5thpairup_04

2. The second time happened after two years. Tommy and Phenix shared Mason Star in a scene released by Cocky Boys last Nov 2011.


3. A month later (December 2011), their 6 man orgy scene was released by Cocky Boys.


4. A month later (January 2012), a scene of only the two porn star was released by Naked Sword. It was Tommy who got fucked.


5. Their latest scene together was recently released by MEN, where Tommy was again the bottom.


William of Sean Cody = Cooper Reed of Men

His solo and 4 scenes with guys at Sean Cody were released between April to July 20112. He was given the name William, where he only bottomed once but all his fuck scenes were bareback.

william_seancody_aka_cooper_reed_men_01 william_seancody_aka_cooper_reed_men_02

He is out of Sean Cody and is now working for MEN where he was given the name Cooper Reed. Under “What I Like Most”, Cooper replied Pussy.


The first scene released by MEN on Cooper is titled Prison Shower 4 where he and Landon Conrad double penetrated Johnny Rapid.


[tip @ Terry]

Some porn news

Just in case you don’t know.

I  do share porn news on twitter from time to time. The tweets are also displayed on the right side of this blog.


There are a LOT of str8 guys in gay porn

Ethan, who is now out of Sean Cody due to his issue with bare-backing, gave an interview with The Sword where he said that a lot of Sean Cody models are actually straight.

The Sword: Some of Sean Cody’s gay models have mentioned that there are “homophobic” undertones while filming/on set with other “straight” models. Did you find that to be true? Is everyone straight there?

You know, I wouldn’t say that there were really any homophobic undertones that I witnessed. I’d say the whole Sean Cody experience was relaxed, chill, and professional more than anything else. The whole shooting process is actually pretty laid back and fairly organized. And yes, a lot of the Sean Cody models are actually straight. I know this is really hard for some people to believe, but it’s true.

Sharing his STD results

Andrew Blue [latest scene] shared his STD test results on twitter.


From gay porn to transsexual porn

Hunter Vance’s scene [gallery] with TS Foxxy has been released.


Another known porn star at Randy Blue

Jimmy Fanz is the latest known porn star to work for Randy Blue.


Ask a porn star questions – Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta of Cocky Boys is taking questions from fans on his TUMBLR web page.


The singer in Paul Canon

When a gay porn stars shows off his other talents besides porn, he becomes hotter in my eyes. Take the case of Paul Canon. He recently shared his skill in playing a piano and singing a song.

Does he also play the guitar? It was part of his photo shoot at Broke Straight Boys.


His latest scene at Broke Straight Boys was released a few days ago where he barebacked Jason.