A month ago, Jayden was introduced by Gay Hoopla where he shoved a dildo up his hole.

I thought he will bottom for his first scene at Gay Hoopla. Instead, Gay Hoopla had him top Travis Youth, the second time in a row Travis was the bottom in his scenes.

The 6’1 Axel Woods is one of the new guys introduced this year by Gay Hoopla. His first had him top the 6’0 Blake Michael.

Introduced last September 2018, Ryan first had an oral scene with Collin Simpson at Gay Hoopla a month later. It was only followed this week by his first time as the top, also to Collin Simpson.

The first 3 guys introduced by Gay Hoopla this 2019 did more than a solo like Travis Youth. Travis’ first time had him as the bottom to Collin Simpson.

It seems Gay Hoopla has been hiring new guys this 2019 that will return for more since Jayden shoved a dildo up his hole, a sign he will be back.

The 6’1″ Axel Woods of Gay Hoopla sports a 6 inch uncut cock.

James Manziel and Derek Jones have been paired twice at Gay Hoopla.

The first one happened in 2017 where James was the bottom.

It was followed this week with their second pair-up where James & Derek did a flip fuck.