Since his start in 2011, Tyler Sweet did bottom more than top. He is now an exclusive at Helix Studios and his first 2 scenes had him as the bottom.

The first with Josh Brady.

The second with Johnny Hands.

Ashton Summers started his gay porn career as a versatile performer with an uncut cock (now circumcised). Lately, he has been the top in his scenes. He is back to being versatile with his latest scene with Travis Stevens at Helix Studios.

Travis & Ashton are lovers in real life.

After 3 years, Travis Stevens returned to Helix Studios. He now has 5 scenes released since his return where the last 4 had him in a flip fuck with his scene partner.

Cameron Parks

Max Carter

Josh Brady

Corbin Colby

For the 2nd scene of Ashton Summers after his return to Helix Studios after a year had him bareback Max Carter inside a limousine.

Johnny Hands, who does live cam shows, loves to top at Helix Studios. He now has 7 scenes released, all of them had him as the top with his 5th scene as a flip fuck – the only time you’ll get to watch him bottom at Helix Studios.

Corey Marshall, like Luke Wilder, is one of the few guys at Helix Studios who hasn’t had a scene as the bottom. His 10th scene had him top Andy Taylor.

The first 4 scenes of the 6’2″ Johnny Hands (7.5″) at Helix Studios had him as a top. For his 5th scene, it was a flip fuck with the 5’11” Josh Brady (8.5″).