I already did a post about him as Alex Rim who loves top in gay porn. He is now known as Alex Riley. And, his love to top seems to continue.

As Alex Riley at Helix Studios, his first scene had Jacob Hansen as his bottom.

Will he ever bottom in gay porn?

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DOUBLE PENETRATION of Travis Stevens, Josh Brady & Ashton Summers

Not your ordinary threesome with a double penetration.

Not one (Travis Stevens).

Not two (Josh Brady).

But, all three (Ashton Summers) were double penetrated in the latest threesome at Helix Studios.

FLIP FUCK with Travis Stevens & Ashton Summers

Ashton Summers started his gay porn career as a versatile performer with an uncut cock (now circumcised). Lately, he has been the top in his scenes. He is back to being versatile with his latest scene with Travis Stevens at Helix Studios.

Travis & Ashton are lovers in real life.