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FIRST TIME as a TOP for Aden Davinci

He was a bottom in all his scenes at Chaos Men as Daniel. Then, he worked for other sites, also as a bottom. His latest scene, as Aden Davinci, is a flip fuck [gallery] with Johnny Riley at Next Door Raw. His first as a top.


A scene about the guy having sex a blue collar worker while his boyfriend is nearby. This was the case for Paul Canon and his contractor, Mike Stone, at Next Door Raw [gallery]. The boyfriend was played by Ryan Jordan. Why would anyone cheat on Ryan?

FLIP FUCK with Paul Canon & Dalton Riley

I noticed Dalton Riley added a new tattoo. Previously, it was just a winged animal. via Next Door Raw [gallery]

TRAIN FUCK with Mark Long, Dante Martin & Dalton Riley

Next Door Raw had Mark Long bareback Dante Martin while Dante barebacked Dalton Riley [gallery].

FLIP FUCK with Scotty Zee and Ty Thomas

Ty Thomas [gallery 01, gallery 02 & gallery 03] and Scotty Zee [gallery] started their gay porn career via Jason Sparks Live. The two were never paired until they both worked for Next Door Raw [gallery].

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Michael DelRay & Jake Davis

This bareback scene [gallery] is from Next Door Raw.

DADDY Dean Phoenix is back in gay porn

Dean Phoenix, who is now 42 years of age, is back in gay porn since 2010 via his first bareback scene [gallery] with Johnny Riley at Next Door Raw.