Darin Silvers as Darin (2008 – 2009) of Corbin Fisher did use condom with his scenes with guys but not with his str8 and bi scenes.

After 10 years in gay porn, Darin Silvers is back with bareback. This time with guys.

The first was his scene at Raw Fuck Club.

And, his latest scene at Men was with a former Corbin Fisher, Dante Colle.

The latest at Raw Fuck Club is a scene that included Marcus Mateo. Marcus is the name that he uses for his bareback scenes.


For his condom scenes [01 & 02], he uses the name Fernando Del Rio.


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For his gay work, his hole was fully stretched with his three fisting scenes at Club Inferno Dungeon.


He did bareback for different porn sites such as Raw Fuck Club and several scenes at Breed Me Raw.


For his bisexual scene, he did a scene released by bareback studio SX Video.


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For their first pair-up, Adam Russo and Joseph Rough had a condom scene released by Hot Dads Hot Lads.


For their second pair-up, it was a bareback scene at Raw Fuck Club.


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Dayton O’Connor is one of the increasing number of porn stars who is able to switch from condom to bareback scenes.

Last week, his scene at Naked Kombat, where Patrick Connors wore a condom, was released. This scene has the production date of November 14, 2013.

withandwithoutacondom_dayton_oconnor_01 withandwithoutacondom_dayton_oconnor_02

5 days before his shoot at Naked Kombat, he filmed a bareback orgy at Raw Fuck Club.


And last week, his bareback threesome at Raw Fuck Club was released.